The full study is available in the June 2016 hard copt issue of Surgical Endoscopy Vol. 30, Iss. 6

November 30, 2015 (TEANECK, NJ) – Authored by Dr. George Christoudias and Maritsa Nunziata, this publication describes a new method for ventral hernia repair using both open and laparoscopic methods. The study also offers a retrospective review of over one hundred patients whom had this new method performed, as well as future considerations for this new evolutionary method. The outcomes were optimistic, with  zero incidents of seroma, wound infection, or mesh infection in this study. First published online in Surgical Endoscopy in 2015, it will be available in the June 2016 hard copy issue (Vol 30, Iss. 6). Read more details about the in-depth study here. 

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