Apollo Surgical Industries, Inc. (“Apollo”) is a research and development company formed in 1997 by Dr. George Christoudias, a prominent laparoscopic general surgeon and oncologist who has performed over 15,000 operations in his 40 year career.  In 1990, he became one of the first surgeons to embrace and regularly practice minimally invasive surgery, giving him an early and insightful perspective on its emerging needs. 

As a cost-conscious and meticulous surgeon, Dr. Christoudias quickly recognized that such an innovative form of surgery deserved an equally advanced technology to address its new challenges. He has since obtained over 18 surgical patents, and started Apollo to offer simple solutions to complex frustrations in the operating room.

Apollo Surgical Industries, Inc. is now a family-owned research and development firm specializing in general surgery laparoscopic products.  Led by Dr. George Christoudias’ experience, the company brings great ideas from the mind to the market by guiding products through patent protection, prototyping, validation, clinical review, and regulatory clearance. Once products are ready for the market, suitable partners are sought for either distribution or acquisition.

Mission Statement:Our mission is to provide surgeons with innovative instruments that enhance ability, advance technology, and promote efficiency. By focusing on simple designs, meticulous details, and premium materials, Apollo Surgical intends to:

  • Eliminate common frustrations for every surgeon
  • Decrease operating time and waste for every hospital
  • Increase intraoperative safety and postoperative comfort for every patient
  • Embrace simplicity in a complex environment

For more information about Apollo Surgical Industries, Inc., please send an email to info@apollosurgical.com.

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