Finned Mesh

Video Demo

The Christoudias hernia mesh is differentiated from anything currently on the market by employing a patented elevated ‘fin’ which runs along the central axis of the mesh.

ChristoudiasMesh_SuturingFin_smThe central fixation fin provides a mesh strip that is incorporated into the fascial closure as the defect is closed.

The finned mesh design allows implantation via a new laparoscopic surgical approach that exploits the benefits of both open and laparoscopic surgical techniques, while avoiding the disadvantages of each.

The Christoudias Hernia Mesh is effective for the repair of incisional, ventral, and umbilical hernias.


Clinical Data
Used in hundreds of surgeries with outstanding results, the innovative design allows surgeons with limited laparoscopic experience to use Dr. Christoudias’s pioneering hybrid surgical technique to realize the proven clinical advantages of the laparoscopic approach, while avoiding the most common disadvantages. Formal clinical results were published in the June 2016 issue of Surgical Endoscopy. Read the full paper