Maritsa Nunziata, CEO


OM Smile Web 600 x 840Maritsa Nunziata is the daughter of Apollo’s founder, Dr. George Christoudias, and was a lifelong witness to her father’s innovative approach to surgery. In the early 1990’s, she watched her father practice his laparoscopy skills in their home by trying to suture the skin on a raw chicken thigh. As a 12-year-old on “bring-your-daughter-to-work-day”, she  watched her first operation, performed by her father.

Maritsa played basketball and track at Tufts University in Medford, MA, where she graduated with a B.A. in psychology. While she was working as an analyst at Morgan Stanley in 2007, Dr. Christoudais asked her to join Apollo to help accelerate its growth. At her father’s suggestion, Maritsa completed an accelerated surgical technician program, and became a Certified Surgical Tech (C.S.T.) in 2009.  This provided her with a first-hand avid understanding of the operating room, including how its instrumentation is prepared, used, cleaned, and stored.

After she received her C.S.T. designation, Maritsa joined Apollo as a sales manager in 2009. Domestic sales immediately increased under her supervision, and distribution expanded worldwide into over a dozen countries. Over the next three years, Maritsa took on more responsibilities including Intellectual Property, design & engineering, accounting, quality control, and operations, and was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2012.  Since then, two additional patents have been issued to Apollo and are currently in development. Most recently, Maritsa led Apollo through a successful product acquisition by Symmetry Surgical, who purchased both the Double Grasper and Gauze Dissector from the company.


Maritsa Nunziata working with her father, Dr. George Christoudias, during her Surgical Technician training in 2008.