TEANECK, N.J. July 27, 2016 – On July 5, 2016, Symmetry Surgical Inc. (“Symmetry”) successfully acquired the Double Grasper and Gauze Dissector product lines from Apollo Surgical Industries, Inc. (“Apollo”).

“We are very excited about this new opportunity,” says Maritsa Nunziata, Apollo’s CEO who helped lead the company through the acquisition.  “Symmetry is the perfect company to take the Double Grasper and Gauze Dissector to the next level.  They can offer a wide exposure and customer service that is beyond our own capabilities, and we look forward to seeing Symmetry succeed with these products.”

Dr. George Christoudias, the founder of Apollo and inventor of these two products, was equally proud of the acquisition.  “My only goal with any of my products is to help the surgeons do their job. All of my ideas came from specific needs that I had in the OR, and if Symmetry can show more surgeons how much easier their job can be with these products, that makes me happy.”

Since these two products were the only market-ready products offered by Apollo, the company will now function exclusively as a Research & Development firm. The company will be turning its focus on developing some new products, including a hernia mesh and irrigation set.

“With the Symmetry acquisition behind us, we can really give the new mesh and irrigation set the attention they deserve,” Maritsa said. “We are intentionally a small company because we like to be diligent, efficient, and agile. The mesh and irrigation set have extraordinary potential to literally change the way surgery is performed, and I am very eager to get started.”

The hernia mesh and irrigation set have both been issued patents and are currently in the prototype phase.

About Apollo Surgical Industries, Inc.

Apollo Surgical Industries, Inc. is a family-owned research and development firm specializing in general surgery products.  Led by Dr. George Christoudias’ 40 years of surgical experience, Apollo’s primary goal is to develop innovative surgical devices that make surgery easier for the surgeon and safer for the patient. The company brings great ideas from the mind to the market by guiding products through patent protection, prototyping, validation, clinical review, and regulatory clearance. Once products are ready for the market, suitable partners are sought for either distribution or acquisition.

About Symmetry Surgical Inc.

Symmetry is dedicated to developing and delivering high-quality, innovative surgical instruments that meet clinicians’ needs and improve patients’ lives. The Company collaborates with healthcare providers around the world to provide medical devices that exceed customers’ expectations and provide solutions for today’s needs and tomorrow’s growth. Symmetry’s rich and diverse history creates one of the industry’s most comprehensive surgical instrument portfolios, which includes well-known brands such as BOOKWALTER®, GREENBERG®, OLSEN®, SYMMETRY®, SYMMETRY SHARP KERRISON®, FLASH PAK®, CLASSIC®, CLASSIC PLUS®, SECTO®, QUAD-LOCK®, RAPIDCLEAN®, MAGNAFREE®, MIDAS TOUCH®, MICROSECT®, ULTRA INSTRUMENTS®, MULTIPAK®, ACCESS SURGICAL®, RILEY MEDICAL®, TRANSPAK®, OPTI-LENGTH®, THE ULTRA SYSTEM®, BOOKWALTER ROTILT®, SYMMETRY ACCESS™, and VESOCCLUDE®. For more information, please visit www.symmetrysurgical.com.